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Essay Writing Tips: 4 Examples Of A Strong Introduction

Introduction is the trickiest part of any essay as they make any reader continue or thrash your essay in between. It’s mandatory that your introduction is an influential one and leaves a strong impact highlighting your presence in the crowd.

There are many parameters that you should consider while writing a powerful essay:

  • First of all it should be interesting. An inspiring tone creates a strong grip throughout. “We all know that the first impression is the last impression”.
  • Secondly, introduction also creates a background about the subject that you want to write.
  • You should outline the argument here.
  • It would be good if you describe the thesis statement in a graceful manner.
  • Ensure that your introduction is neither too long nor too short but is proportionate in context of the written essay.

Following are the four kinds of introductions that you can begin your essay with-

  • Introduction with a Historical information: History quotes several incidences where people pretend to be the personality they actually are not. Their political goals and financial gains encourage them to follow such unscrupulous means. Most of the time, their demeanor portrays them as a king-size personality with a generous heart. This identity theft is posing lots of issues making victims not to trust anyone. SSN, Pan card, Ration card, Voter ID is some of the ways to chase them. Government should think something big apart from all this.
  • Introduction beginning with a quotation: In the book of Shakespeare’s named Othello, the writer claims-“Who steals my purse steals trash”…..but that cannot flitch me from my good name”. Here the writer wants to deliver the connotation that by stealing the purse the thieves are stealing the good names of victims who are absolutely innocent. These victims live a lavish life by stealing their phones, identity cards; credit cards etc and pose a solemn problem for an innocent man. Stricter regulations employed by a government can put an end to this but people’s support cannot be denied here.
  • Introduction with surprising fact: Identity fraud is a grave issue in US. One in every nine twenty four individuals is the victim. Since many of the cases are not reported, the number is supposed to be much higher. Strict regulations via government can definitely put an end to this.
  • Introduction with a question: What would be your reaction if someone is using your personal information like name, address and SSN number to buy a merchandize through your credit card? How to ensure that this does not happen? Millions of people are victims of identity theft and only stringent regulations through government can put an end to this.