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Where To Look For Proofread Memoir Essay Examples

A memoir essay is written about events that the writer has lived through or has other reason to have first-hand knowledge of. This type of essay may be less common than argumentative or comparison essays but to develop reliable skills, one must be capable of writing any type of essay should the occasion arise. To gain familiarity with the demands of this essay structure, here are some sources you can check out to get proofread, high quality examples.

Online Essay databases

There are many good databases that are stored online which house essays of every variety. Any search engine can guide you to one. The majority of these are accessible for free but a few may require you to make a payment or input a valid college ID. Once you’ve gained access to such a database, you can search within it for memoir essays specifically.


If you are being assigned memoir essays by a teacher or professor that person most likely has sample essays of that type that you can use. You should ask to see one and politely explain that having access to this essay is likely to help you improve your writing.

Writing texts

Text books on writing often include essays to show the rules in use. This helps them become more concrete to students. Look around your nearest library for good text books and see if they contain anything usable. You can also look through online libraries and websites that contain older text books that no longer have valid copyrights. These books would have entered the public domain and as a result be legally available for free access by you.

Paid writers

If you pay someone to create a memoir essay for you, in theory you can be certain that the quality is good. To clarify, many people who receive payment for writing are not very good at it. Fortunately, some of them are and if you observe the field carefully enough you pick up skills that help you avoid the worst of the lot. With freelancers, you can check their ratings to get a feel for their capabilities. With writing companies, check their reviews on independent review companies and look for terrible complaints. Once you’ve found the right one all you need to do is explain what you want, pay for it and collect the essay.

Aside from essays you can always read memoirs in book format if you truly want to increase your skills.