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Disadvantages Of Using Custom Writing Services: Why You Should Write Your Essay On Your Own

The idea of buying a piece of writing rather than composing it yourself can easily become seductive. Here are some reasons why you should think twice:

You could get caught

It’s not just paranoia, most professors, teachers and other academics are very determined to prevent their students from submitting the work of others under their own name. Why do they care? They are paid to teach and if students who aren’t supposed to pass or get stellar grades quite suspiciously begin to do so, the whole course would then come under suspicion. Even students who earned their grades fairly would need to defend their work. It would be much simpler to let you pay for your indiscretion than let the whole class suffer.

You would be sabotaging your own education

Assignments are meant to teach you something. If you don’t do the assignments that are given to you and instead regularly pay someone else to write them, your writer will be getting the benefits of your course that you do not. In some ways it’s a never ending cycle: if you don’t understand the work and buy an essay to ease your suffering, you fall further behind in relation to your contemporaries and will find yourself even less able to write the next assignment. In no time flat you will find yourself unable to write your own work even if you tried and thus dependent on writing services just to keep yourself afloat.

You would be tempting fate in other ways

Some of the companies that provide academic content are fronts for criminal activities. It’s so much simpler because the majority of their operations are done online. You pay them without meeting them on the promise that they will deliver what you need. Conmen are aware of the vulnerable situation this puts you in and are likely to exploit it by setting up fake businesses. They are also aware that their clients may be hesitant to approach the police for help because it would require them to admit that they were trying to engage in plagiarism. This would also prevent them from many of the other methods of gaining justice that they might consider.

The world is not perfect and there may be many reasons why you would consider hiring someone to create writing for you. Let it be the last resort and not your first option.