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Top 10 College Essay Topics You Can Investigate

One of the most crucial parts of a college application is coming up with a great essay. The importance given to the overall quality of the essay makes it quite stressful for the candidates. One needs to display his or her creativity through this essay. Needless to say, it has to be an original piece of work as well. The admissions officers gauge the character and personality of the applicant with the help of this write-up. Therefore, the thought process and the writing skills of the applicant becomes one of the deciding factors in the process of admission.

One needs to come up with novel topics in order to write a great college essay. Writing compositions for getting admissions can get a bit tricky at times. The composition might be written in the best way possible but might still get rejected. Most of the times, this is because the theme that the applicant chose to write upon was not to the liking of the admissions officers. Some of the basic areas that applicants need not investigate while writing such an essay are politics, religious topics, sports, self-achievements, personal sufferings, sex life and illegal activities. One needs to be cautious about using too much of unnecessary humour in the composition. Also, one shouldn’t go on and on with the writing. The essay needs to be concise as well.

The composition needs to be a convincing reflection of the applicant. The content of the composition should be a calm and confident portrayal of the elements that make the applicant worthy enough of getting admitted to the institution. The idea is to grab the reader’s attention and impress him or her in the most latent manner as possible.

So here are the top 10 college essay topics that one may investigate:

  • An invention that changed the life of the common man.

  • The positive/negative effects of the media.

  • The good things and the bad things about the present education system.

  • If you were able to go back in time, what would you alter in your life?

  • Investigate the most important things in life.

  • The aspects of your character that have changed in the last three years.

  • How will you spend a free weekend?

  • The three things that make you happy.

  • The best things about college life.

  • The fictional characters that have influenced you the most.