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The Importance Of Sports In Spain

Every culture across the globe has selective practices, traditions, and pastimes. Throughout history, Spain has always had an attraction to and favoritism for sports. Popular sport activities in Spain will include tennis, cycling, water and Olympic sports, golf, and handball. Most prevalent in the Spanish culture for sports is the avid love for football, however. For the latter half of the 20th century and the 21st century, the practice of football has dominated Spain.

For many countries and cultures, sports are a way of bonding, connecting to heritage, social activity, physical wellness, and entertainment, and Spain is no different. Rooting back to the period where bullfighting was a tradition, sports have always been viewed with artistic respect and as vivacious entertainment in Spain’s culture. Bullfighting has been rooted back to prehistoric times, when it was looked at upon as an act of worship and sacrifice. Still, to this day, bullfighting is practiced regularly in Spain, and is a prime example of Spain’s avid interest, respect, and appreciation for sports.

Popular Sports in Spain

  • Soccer, or futbol, is noted as the most popular sport in Spain. Many soccer teams are so successful that they make it to European competitions. Spain has actually qualified thirteen times to partake in FIFA since the 1920’s. Soccer was actually introduced to Spain in the late 1800’s by immigrant workers from Britain.

  • Basketball is also very popular in Spain. Spain actually has a famous and successful basketball league, called the Liga Endesa ,or the ACB. Several Spanish teams have won championships on an international level.

  • Motorsports are also very widely renowned amongst Spaniards! Much like the United States with Motocross, Spain has been active in Grand Prix events and attendance to these events was noticeably high.

  • Cycling has been important in Spain since the 1940s. While France has the Tour de France and Italy the Giro d’Italia, Spain has the Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain).

  • Tennis is also very popular in Spain, producing quite a few national champions. Tennis tournaments are usually held on clay courts in Spain. One tennis champion from Spain that is popular is Rafael Nadal. He has won numerous competitions consecutively and defeated the number #1 player at the time Roger Frederer.

Sports are more than a recreational activity in Spain; they are an act of cultural appreciation, an expression of creativity, and a way of proudly demonstrating an unmatchable competitive nature.