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The Basic Structure Of A College Essay: 5 Tips For Students

  1. Create a strong outline
  2. The most important thing about your essay is the outline of your paper. You need to add similar data into relevant places and use headings, bullets and lists to write a good outline.

  3. Write a catchy introduction
  4. The introduction of your paper is very important. This is where you need to understand your target audience, which is the admission officer in this case. You need to tell them about yourself in an engaging manner so that they have interest in reading the rest of your paper. Try to add a hook in your introduction that keeps your audience interested in knowing more. Make sure that your introduction gives a clear idea about the rest of your paper and its scope.

  5. Complete the body of your paper based on your major arguments
  6. The body of your paper comes after the introduction. You need to add a transitional hook by the end of the introduction to hint your readers about the body. Each paragraph in the body of your essay represents one major argument for your paper. You need to make sure that no ideas are repetitive in more than one paragraph and each paragraph is unique. Add similar data in one paragraph to compose a clean and smooth paper.

  7. Write a precise conclusion
  8. This is the last thing the reader will read from you, so you need to make it easy to remember, engaging, though provoking and precise. It is important to summarize the entire essay in one paragraph but keeping in mind the brief structure of the paragraph. Never introduce any new ideas at this point because they can confuse your reader and ruin the overall impression of your paper. You should always end your essay on a clear and bold note.

  9. Edit and proofread your
  10. Make a habit of editing and proofreading everything you write. Editing is one-step prior to proofreading. This involves improving your paper by adding relevant details, deleting repetitive materials, cutting out unnecessary details and background, changing sentence structures to increase the comprehension and checking the overall direction of your paper. Proofreading, on the other hand, means looking for grammatical and spelling mistakes in your essay. This also includes checking for commonly confused words and typing errors in the paper. Both these strategies are highly important to increase the quality of your paper.