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Best Writing Suggestions For Those Who Cannot Finish An Essay

At least once in a writer’s career or when they were a student they would have started a piece of work and then got to a point and found that they could not finish the piece of work. It is no joking matter, it is very stressful and time consuming.

You need a plan.

First do a Review

  • Go back to the basics.
  • Read the remit you had for the piece of work.
  • Did you have any difficulty originally at the planning stages fro this piece of work? If you did how did you resolve this? Did you seek help from your tutor or a friend? If you did try to remember what enthused you to make a start on the essay?
  • Reread the essay that you have so far? Do you feel that your essay deviates from what you had planned or do you feel that the essay has ended up taking a different emphasis that your original plan?


  • Are you able to go back to you tutor and discuss your difficulty?
  • Are you able to discuss your essay with a friend? They may be able to make some helpful suggestions that are logical and realistic.
  • Try writing down a few bullet points focusing on how you would like the essay to finish then take each point in turn and add detail.
  • Try looking at some writing online services that provide tutor support. You may be able to get individual free advice. One of the best parts about this is that the online tutor would be fresh to your situation and they may suggest changing some of your earlier points in the essay that will help you with a good ending to your essay.

Thirdly. Its never too late

  • If you generally find ‘endings’ to essays difficult try going back to a few fundamentals. Using around 12 cards, (4 cards with characters, 4 cards with situations and 4 cards with places) and pick one card from each pile, and decide on what the outcome of the story would be. This is based on a child’s party game but a useful exercise.
  • Read other people’s work an look a the way they have finished their essays.
  • Ask your tutor if there is any particular work you could do to help you.
  • If you used an online tutor, ask them for suggestions of exercises or reading material that could help you in the future.