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4 Factors To Consider Dealing With Custom Essay Writing Agencies

There are some very important considerations that you need to acknowledge before deciding to work with a writing agency.

  1. Are they real? There are some agencies that are not what they seem. You need to make sure that they are not scamming would be customers. A lot of websites ask visitors to sign up and get login details which will then give access to examples of written work and also send customers update of services and prices. If, when you are signing up for access you are asked to give your bank or card details then the advice is to not give the your details and avoid any dealings with the company.
  2. Contact details, or rather the lack of contact details. If they are only contactable though email then be cautious. Most web sites will also give additional ways to contact them, such as telephone numbers, and also an address. Most companies want to be accessible to their customers, they want to encourage contact rather than anonymity. You also need to know how long they are going to take to respond to your emails. There can be problems if they take several days or even a week to respond to your queries or change of instructions.
  3. Quality & Terms and Conditions. Are you able to access several examples of the work that their writers produce? Worked examples should cover different fields of study, and different levels of curriculum. You should also be able to have a writer that shares the same first language as you, this is important as there are structural differences in languages that can be very apparent in written work. As part of the agreement or contract to provide a service is there a written policy that outlines any recourse in the case of a dispute in the quality of the essay?
  4. Pricing. Look carefully at the pricing. Be wary of agencies that will only give you a price when you provide all the details of your writing job. Prices are usually based on the word count; level of study; number of references needed and sometimes that projected and guaranteed grade that the work would achieve. One of the major factors that influence pricing will be the turnaround time in which the essay is needed, the quicker you need the work the more costly it will be. Also be aware that some agencies charge extra for proofreading and scanning the work for plagiarism! You should not have to pay extra for this.