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Where To Get A Winning Persuasive Essay Example To Improve Your Writing Skills

If there is one skill that every student should have, persuasive writing would be it. Not only does it teach the writer the finer points of learning how to express yourself in such a way that you show respect for the preparation and process of an argument, but also for your opponent and their view. In everyday life the concept of persuasive writing can be found everywhere, from speeches given by politicians to advertising. The whole point of this type of essay is to sway someone to your point of view. So where can you go to get examples of the masters at work? Online of course!

Make the search box your friend

Since persuasive essays are the most common type that is written, examples can be found everywhere. Enter in the search term "examples of persuasive essays" and see how many results that you get.

Professional writing websites

There are loads of examples listed for you to browse through on these sites. Look at a few from several different sites instead of just picking the first one that you find.

Trade publications

This can be a great place to look because many of these samples have already been published. Generally speaking, when essays are published in trade publications you can assume that they are worth reading.

Writer's forums

Writer's forums are a great source to find tips, tricks, and information on anything writing related.

What to look for when you find examples

Now that you have found some examples, how do you narrow down what you have found? How can you learn from it? Read through some of the essays that you find most interesting. One of the easiest ways to know if it is any good is by whether or not the author was able to persuade you over to their point of view. If not, it may be worth the extra time to find something else.

As you are reading, pay attention to the common elements that you find in each one. Note the tone of voice that is used. What is it about the paper that makes it strong? Look to see how the argument is presented. Consider the format that is used.

Every writer has their own particular style and it can be very difficult to change. Keep what works for you but pay particular attention to what it is about the examples that manages to incorporate interest, evidence, and persuasion in perfect harmony. Then apply it to your own writings in the future!