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Expert Advice: How To Find College Essay Examples Without Much Effort

If you are looking for college essay examples the last thing you need to be doing is spending a lot of time search out some good and representative examples.

You need to make a few decisions first.

  • Decide on the topic areas that you may be interested in (based on you field of study).
  • Pick some ideas that you are familiar with.
  • Limit your search time. It’s so easy to start looking for one aspect and end up getting sidetracked and end up looking at aspects that are really no use to you and you end up several hours later with no relevant examples and an order for jeans that you have been looking for ages.

That is always assuming that you decide to use the internet to search out some examples.

  • The first place to start looking for college essay examples may be the college website. This is a good place to start your research as you will be able to see exactly what the college expects of you.
  • No matter what you have been told about college essays and how to construct them, you really need to see several examples before you even start planning your own.
  • Remember that another good source of information is from other students. Find out how they set about starting their college essays.

If no one has given you a few ideas of relevant websites then using a search engine that accesses academic websites (an ordinary web site may not actually pick out the websites that you are looking for), choose some key words that may unlock what you are looking for

  • Basically, ‘college essay examples’ will get you several hits. But you may need to be a little more specific.
  • You may end up with several websites that are offering more or less the same. Pick out the websites that offer lists of topics as well as examples (one stop shopping), and if they have a section on recommendations from other users of the site and the recommendations are positive then you probably need look no further.
  • Ideally you need to be accessing not just college essay examples but examples that have been annotated by the college so you get an idea of what is expected of you. if you find an example of an essay that was unsuccessful, then you know what to avoid putting in your essay.

Good Luck.