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What To Write In A Graduate School Essay: Advice For Students

This is an extremely important part of your application procedure for admission into a graduate college even though it will probably only get about five minutes of an admissions personnel’s attention. Spend some time on this essay because you have to figure out how to capture their attention as well as let them know what you want them to know in a fairly short amount of time. If you don’t make the essay interesting, you may not even get five minutes. Take your time and create an outline of what you want to say and spend some significant time figuring out what order you want to present your information. You must realize that the most important things should be earlier in your essay so you are assured they will be read. Here are some other things you should consider:

  • Make sure you make the admissions officer aware of why you want to continue to study in your field. Secondly, make sure you tell them why you chose their school specifically. Don’t mention you want a change of scenery or things like that. Make your reasons pertinent to your field of study.

  • You can make your essay interesting by possibly telling an anecdote about an interesting experience that may have led you into your current field of study. Make sure the experience is entertaining and relevant to why you want to attend graduate school. These experiences sometimes make your essay interesting enough for the admissions person to continue reading.

  • Make sure you include what you want to accomplish both professionally and personally while at their institution. They want to know that you have thought through why you want to attend graduate school.

  • Include in your essay why you chose their particular school for your graduate work. Possibly mention a particular faculty person and their work to demonstrate that you have researched their school more than other student’s may have.

  • Focus on your research experience since the majority of your work will be in research once you begin your graduate studies. Maybe list some relevant experience you had in research as an undergraduate to demonstrate you enthusiasm and aptitude in your field.
    • It is important that your essay flows nicely and has coherence. Read it aloud to make sure it flows nicely off of your lips and it is easily understood. Maybe ask someone you trust to read it as well so you can see how they react. Any advice and help you can get will help you get into the post-graduate school of your choice.