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How To Provide Analysis In A Comparative Essay

In a comparative essay, you will look at two or more items and decide how they are different or how they are alike. Part of your job will be for you to find research and support, and then to analyze what you find. You have to use correct and clear language in order to deliver them so that your audience can actually understand it.


  • Define -when you use words that the average person will not understand as you explain your results, you then have an obligation to define those words in the paper for your audience.
  • Simple sentence structure -use short sentences if you are super technical in your writing. Do not lose your reader in sentences that go for a page or two. Keep the sentences short and simple.
  • Watch the jargon -all fields have jargon. And while you may feel smart when you use the jargon in your paper, you are not doing your audience any favors if they do not understand the jargon. Use jargon sparingly in your analysis.
  • Do not bore the audience -most people will tune out if they do not understand what they are reading. Be very careful to not bore your reader. Your job is to show them that you are correct.
  • Use key words -there are keys words that you should use when you are getting ready to show you are correct. Use these words to flag the results to your reader. Some of them are: consequently, clearly, as shown, the evidence, obviously, the results are, as seen, in conclusion, and it is evident.
  • Keep it clear -if the analysis is not clearly presented, even if it is correct, no one will understand it. Keep the writing clear and very understandable.
  • Stay unemotional -even if you have a personal attachment to your topic, you do not want to call names, get rude, or show uncontrollable and unsupported ideas. Always keep your writing very professional no matter how passionately you feel about the subject.
  • Poor writing -you may have a perfect argument that is completely supported and analyzed, but if it is riddled with composition errors, you will not get a good grade. Make sure to proofread and carefully edit the paper before you turn it in to your teacher.

As you provide analysis in a comparative essay, use this easy to follow checklist to make sure the job is completed perfectly.