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Job Search Using Internet Websites

The medical profession has many website dedicated to the job search. It seems that these are in the first place associated with geographical regions. The United States has its different websites while the United Kingdom, for example, has different websites. The NHS features in the latter and the different private providers feature in the US. The website, Health Jobs Nationwide is a niche sort of website as it targets medical professionals. Within this website, the user can even select different specialties, with about twenty listed on the homepage. Here users can browse jobs without a category or apply different restrictions for the search. They can also enter a specific title or location, upload a CV or resume, and even post jobs.

The general job website, Monster, was similar to the niche medical website just mentioned. On Monster, you can browse by location and by different job titles. These include various medical professions. However, one benefit of the general sit is that it facilitates a search by company. It seems that popular companies will attract various job searchers and that you can search based on these actual firms. This website also allows you to post a resume and search by location or other specialties. However, it further allows to you create a folder and account and manage your job search. So you can save different job advertisements and return to them later or compare. The interface also was smoother and more attractive. It clearly emphasizes location where the niche website features the sub groups within the medical field. In conclusion, it seems that the medical specialty websites will offer the medical professional a better source for job searching. It seems that the division of different job categories there foster a search more attuned to the needs of the individual. The general website does help with location, but this also appears on the niche website.