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Simple Tricks For Writing An Outstanding Personal Cultural Profile Essay

A personal cultural profile essay is a much more organized and appropriate way of narrating one's own life and growth through the avenues of cultural experiences and the past. The essay might seem true to every aspect of an autobiography but you are not really writing a book on yourself. In this case you are simply highlighting the cultural facet in your life.

In essays like these, you are required to delve deep into your own cultural side and rediscover background, personal achievements or establishments, dreams, fancies, passion and principles that are co-terminus to your tradition, conventions and culture. You need to ask yourself several questions in order to elicit concrete answers than positive or negative responses. It is better if you did not get judgmental in your essay as you do not want to get slammed by controversial and rebuking remarks. You may follow these simple tricks to obtain a decent score or judgement:

  • Look into your own life ‑by this I did not mean to peep into your life being the other person. Be yourself and review your own life. Tease your past a bit and extract out the culturally related events, maybe from your participation in a drama or choir when you were in school or college. Think about your neighbourhood, inclination towards that one person who was an unsung bard. Or look into the cultural passions you had. It could be your secret diary where you wrote silly reviews of movies you liked or poems, inspired by your wounded relationships with your boyfriends or friends. In brief, you ought to interview yourself. This could work as a brain gym. So have fun and just a reminder, do not get tangled too much into one incident.

  • Ask your folks playfully ‑ with folks I did not only imply your friends but your family too. Your family, close relatives and buddies are the ones who could vouch for you and provide with the best stories. In this way you could direct their anecdotes to a cultural path. They could narrate incidents where your principles and values might get reflected on. Make sure you also choose the ones who envy you, in that case you will be able to receive comments which are generally not impressive but helpful.

  • Finally the style or format ‑ you could either maintain a narrative style or chronologically talk about the events or a freer format with highlighting one particular event.

Go ahead and explore yourself!