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Why You Should Use An Expository Essay Example Carefully

If you are writing an expository essay it's very important that you do not take it lightly. You will be expected to show evidence of having researched the topic in detail and then, using the structure required, produce a piece of interesting and in-depth information. There are several issues which could impact the success of your expository essay particularly when choosing examples usually found online.

  • Do you have a personal interest in the topic of the sample?
  • Will it be colouring by numbers?
  • How would you know the type and relevance of research material?
  • You are unique.

You may find a brilliant example of an expository essay and think that this is a perfect illustration of how that type of essay should be structured. But choosing to write on the topic, albeit in your own words, may not work unless you have a passion or interest in the topic. This gets back to the long-held belief that a student writes best when they write about what they know or, in this case what they love.

If you decide that the sample you are using is perfect you may fall into the trap of colouring by numbers. This means that you see the introduction with the opening sentence and so therefore you create something similar. The same then goes for the information laid out in the various fact paragraphs and finally in the conclusion. Following the structure in a regimented way can actually be good. Slavishly copying the sentence structure removes your individuality.

It does matter how good the expository essay looks in the sample you need to understand how much information was obtained through research and whether or not it was easy to obtain this information. So before you then head off to write your expository essay, before you choose that topic you must be certain that there is excellent and relevant research material freely available.

It does matter how good an expository essay example is - and if you find one which has an examiner's comments and score on it you can be sure that it is an outstanding example - it's most important that you understand the fact that you are writing your own expository essay. You are unique and your essay has to be unique. By all means learn as much as you can from the example but always be an individual when you create your own work.