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Google Technologies

Google Inc. is among the leading technology companies in the world with pioneering products and services. The technologies introduced by Google have been embedded in our lifestyles in such a manner that life, as we have come to know it now, cannot be imagined without Google. This essay highlights Google technologies and explains how these technologies have influenced our lives.

If we only take one small part of Google’s immense technological universe as an example, i.e. Gmail, we cannot carry out our daily work if only this one service stops to exist. We have become extremely dependent upon Gmail and other such services provided by Google, it may be unfathomably difficult for us to live our lives the way we do now if these services cease to be operational. According to a recent statistics report by The Radicati Group, over 100 billion emails are sent and received on a daily basis. The use of email has become a very common way of communication in organizations. Among email services, Gmail has claimed the leading position due to its user friendliness, service quality, and customizability.

In addition to Gmail, Google is responsible for the widespread uptake of Android OS based smartphones. Android is the fastest growing mobile OS with millions of new users each year. Android borrows the standard attributes of all Google apps: high customizability, security, and user friendliness. These attributes have made Android and other Google services a massive hit among users all around the globe. Another essential Google service is ‘Google Maps’ which helps users identify their location and search for destinations. The navigation feature within the app provides users with all the details regarding the way from their location to the chosen destination. Google recently launched a new feature called ‘Google Now’ which is on track to transform the way we use smartphones. Google Now automatically tracks the most visited places by the user and saves them as a regular destination. This app also saves the parking location of the user automatically. In addition to that, Google Now tracks the most visited web pages and provides updates regarding those pages to the user.

In conclusion, Google technologies have completely transformed the way we conduct our day to day business. These technologies are embedded in our lives in a manner that their absence cannot be imagined. Taking out any one Google service from our lives can significantly jeopardize our daily schedules.