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How To Create An Informative Opinion Essay On Fashion Victims

The modern age has already acknowledged that fashion has played a great role in our lives. The role of fashion makes no bones about people from the upper and middle classes. This role is generally subjective in the lives of women and mostly trend centric in the lives of men. Whichever way you may choose to see it, there is no doubting that there is some trend or other ruling the industry at this moment and some odd trend looking to upset the rule.

In the look of it, the fashion business seems to be a booming. The trendsetters are making great money and there is enough in the plate for everybody looking to create a decent living. But then, at that point, we are suddenly struck with the realization that there are victims of fashion. These are the people who are popularly called fashion victims. Here are some factors you need to take under consideration when writing on fashion victims.

Who are fashion victims?

Fashion victims are people who at some stage were obsessed with fashion. The obsession with fashion was so huge that it eventually led to their becoming addicted to it. As it turns out to be, there are several fashion enthusiasts who turn out to be fashion victims at later stages in their lives. While many believe that such victimization is incurable, there are others who feel fashion victims can reach normalcy again.

What are the possible causes?

There can be a number of causes that may lead to a person becoming a fashion victim. One of the major causes of it is the number of people who have endorsed fashion without highlighting the demerits and negative effects of it. Here are some general causes

  • Overt obsession with some brand or designer

  • Futile attempts at becoming a fashion designer

  • Failed fashion brands

  • False promises by models and designers

Why do mainstream fashion pundits do not approve of the term?

People associated with mainstream fashion often seem to disagree with the very term. Many websites have recorded eminent designers and models make similar utterances. Here is another website where you may read such interviews by designers.

How can you build an argument for or against them?

You will first have to determine if you are for the idea of fashion victims or against it. There are several people that are ready to accept this as a new abnormal form or negative effect of fashion. You may meet such people and interview them.