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Writing Advice: How To Write A Strong Persuasive Essay On Free Will

If you are a Philosophy major and chose “free will” as the topic of your persuasive essay, you must be pretty much decided on your position on the question. All that remains for you is to organize your arguments into a credibly persuasive work. However, if you are not a student of Philosophy and have either chosen or are given this topic, it is a different ball game altogether. You can follow the suggestions here to write a strong persuasive essay on free will.

  1. If you are not familiar with the argument and discussion about free will, now is the time to familiarize yourself with the different schools of thought. This will help you formulate your position and develop arguments for it. There is the position that we (humans) have complete free will and are not determined by anything. This is called Libertarianism. Another school of thought maintains that we have partial free will and are partially determined; this is a soft form of Determinism also known as Compatible-ism. Yet another school says that we are fully determined and have no free will of our own; this is full-blown Determinism.
  2. Once you are familiar with the core concepts, read about the different positions and their high value for each particular group. Essays and articles on the subject by others are good places to begin. Research before you instinctively go with your predominant inclination.
  3. Make up your mind based on arguments that have persuaded you. Make a list of these arguments and the examples and evidence you have unearthed.
  4. Now organize your arguments and evidence in the form of an outline. Write each of your main points along with its supporting evidence in one paragraph. Be careful that your reader does not have to loop back to the last paragraph for anything. Keep your language and tone as fluid as possible. Take extra care writing the lines that link two paragraphs together.

The point of your essay is to persuade your reader to adopt your point of view regarding free will. This means that your essay should maintain a tone of gentle firmness and should have solid evidence (or sound arguments). Remember that writing is not everybody’s forte, use your own free will to look for and ask for help when you need it! Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.