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Crafting A Great Conclusion: Free Essay Writing Advice

The conclusion is an extremely important part of your essay. If you manage to write a truly impressive concluding paragraph, the readers might even be able to overlook some of the weaker points in the body of the paper. This is why it’s imperative to think this section through very carefully.

Here are some tips that can help you come up with a great conclusion:

  • Reread your essay before you start working on the conclusion.
  • In order to be considered good, any part of an academic paper must be concise and to the point. The conclusion must include a short overview of the most important points of the paper. You will be able to write a much better paragraph if you refresh the information in your mind, especially if you’ve been working on this project for several days.

  • Connect your conclusion to the introduction.
  • These two paragraphs must be closely connected. The introduction presents the objectives of the research, and the conclusion lists the goals you managed to achieve. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean that you can simply rewrite the introductory paragraph. On the contrary, you need to word your conclusion in a way that will make it unique, despite the fact that some part of the information will be repeated.

  • Edit the paragraph at least three times.
  • Once you are done, set the paper aside and let your mind relax. It’s best to start editing a day or two after you complete the essay, but this is not always possible. In any case, you need to take a break before you move to this stage because you will be able to notice more mistakes.

    Reread the whole paper again and reassess your conclusion. Cut out all the bits that aren’t essential. The concluding paragraph must be concise and focused. This will make a bigger impact on the reader than a drawn-out conclusion that seems more like a summary.

  • Ask for someone else’s input.
  • Ask some of your friends or family members to read your essay and offer their opinions. It may be unpleasant to receive some criticisms from people precious to you. However, it’s better than getting a lower grade.

    Discuss the conclusion immediately after the person has finished reading. You need to know what his or her strongest impressions are. This way, you will be able to predict your teacher’s reaction, at least to some extent.

Writing a good conclusion takes time, so be sure to consider this when you develop a writing schedule for the project.