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How To Compose An Impressive Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

A strong argumentative essay relies on having multiple angles and perspectives. Students often choose tired topics because they are the easiest to talk about, and even though certain controversial ideas are often discussed, they are far from tired. One of those topics is global warming – does it exist, and what is really causing it? This is one of the most heavily debated subjects in today’s society, so there is a lot of content that can be written arguing either side of the issue. Since this topic is so controversial, though, many students may choose to write about it. Here are some suggestions to help you compose an argumentative essay on global warming that will impress your whole class:

  • Do your research: This type of paper needs research to support your stance on the subject. Gather material from any credible source that exists to help you make your argument more solid. You want to present the reader with an angle that cannot easily be countered. The more research and sources you provide, the more credible your position seems. Make sure all outside information comes from a verified source, though.
  • Acknowledge the other side: Explain what the opposing side to your argument is, and then break it down and explain why it is incorrect. With global warming, many people have conflicting ideas on the subject and stand on the fence. This means it is easy to set up the other side, and then knock off the chair that holds them there. Strongly defining what makes the other side weaker will leave your teacher speechless.
  • Develop a stance: Of course, you can’t write a strong argument if you do not even really have a stance. If this is the subject you have chosen to write about, it should be because you are passionate in regards to whatever beliefs you have towards the subject. It is important to have a strong opinion and stick to it, for your reader will be able to tell if you are not even convinced.
  • Proofread: Once you are all done, go back and read the paper to make sure it reads exactly how you want it to. Take out any passive language you might have and make sure your paper is formal, informative, and as objective as possible. Even though this is an opinion paper, you want objective facts to support your content.