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Searching For A Free Essays Topics: 20 Great Ideas

Writing an essay is and integral part of the life of any student and often one is at a lost on how to proceed. The choice of topic can greatly assist the author by either making the task a simple one or by sending them up against a wall with no way out. When choosing a topic, one must ensure that their choice is interesting, a badly chosen title can lead to the author having very little to write on so they construct a poor essay. Here and 20 great ideas for essay titles that anyone should be able to expand on:

  1. The day an undercover spy went public and saved the world.
  2. The moment in my life that made me suddenly discover that I could fly.
  3. The nuclear bomb that did go off. Life on Earth in the new world order.
  4. How becoming a vegetarian changed my life and why you should too.
  5. What really happened to the plane that disappeared over the pacific.
  6. The story of the gorilla that knew sign language and why it was wrong to teach it.
  7. There are so many ways that becoming a millionaire made me miss being poor.
  8. The ways life would be different if we were advanced enough to colonize the moon or mars.
  9. How cameras became accessible to all and how it changed our lives.
  10. The life of a Nazi war criminal that escaped and made their way to America.
  11. The relationship between atheists and theists in real life situations.
  12. The life of a prostitute with no other choice because of life circumstances.
  13. The little bird that learned a big lesson in a little space of time.
  14. The kid that found out that their impression of their parents was completely wrong.
  15. A world where humans had telepathic abilities and so they could not lie to each other.
  16. How life would be if humans were not the only sentient species on the planet.
  17. How I would spend a billion dollars if I had to spend it all in one day.
  18. What it took to be and atheist in a community of fundamentalist Christians My entire life exists on the screen of my smart phone and i couldn’t ask for anything more.
  19. How I imagined life would be as a 12 year old child just starting high school compared to what it really turned out to be.