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A List Of Impressive High School Essay Topics On Dracula

Everyone knows the story of Dracula. Even if they have not taken the time to previously read the novel, it is one of the most famous movies in history. There are so many elements and complicated relationships within the novel that it can be hard to come up with your high school essay topic. To make it a little bit easier, here are some impressive high school essay topics on Dracula:

  • Dracula appears throughout different stages of the novel. By keeping his character in shadow for such a large portion of the reading, what does Stoker achieve?
  • Discuss the roles of Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra. What are their differences and similarities? Why does Lucy fall under Dracula's spell first?
  • What role does geography play in the novel? How does the setting conform to Gothic fiction principles?
  • As Dracula's antagonist, discuss Van Helsing's role. Why is he the Count's most threatening adversary?
  • In what way could the novel be considered a good versus evil "holy war" recounting? Which characters are depicted as "evil"? Which characters are depicted as "good"?
  • What is the significance of the perversion of Christian tradition accomplished by the Count in the novel?
  • How is the novel related to modernity? Consider attitudes in the novel towards advancements in science.
  • The imagery is very vivid. How does it add to character development and the atmosphere of the story?
  • Discuss the role sexuality plays in the story. What suggestions does it make about Victorian England sexuality?
  • What are the strengths and drawbacks to the approach Stoker decided upon to recount the Count's story through newspaper clippings, letters, and journal entries?
  • Discussed the vampire's supernatural powers and limitations that these impose.
  • Trace Dracula's gothic elements.
  • Which techniques does Stoker use to give the novel a sense of verisimilitude.
  • It seems that Renfield is extraneous to the plot in the beginning. How does this change in the end?
  • Discuss how important it was to the novel to have a vampire who is a member of the aristocracy, and who did not prey upon "ladies of the street", but instead chose refined young women.
  • The implication is that Dracula is not a real character, but rather an evil presence. Discuss this.