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Are Children Smarter Or More Socialized Because Of Using The Internet

The internet use among children all over the world has become a significant phenomenon. Children sometimes have to choose what to access the internet since most of the times there is no one to supervise what they do online. The debate of whether children have become smarter or they have become more socialized, however, remains controversial. Different factors determine what children do online. One of these factors is parental, or guardian supervision as children use the internet. Another factor is the sites children access online. The time spent online by the child is also an important factor that determines the effects of the internet of an individual child. The internet contains information that the child can gain access to. The factors, however, determine whether the effect is that the children become smarter or more socializing. Many children have become brighter and sharper as a result of internet use. Others have become more socializing because of using the internet. Both becoming smarter and becoming more socializing 1as a result of internet use are positive effects. The internet can have other effects that may be destructive and harmful for the children.

Smarter Children Because of Using the Internet

Children have become smarter as a result of internet use. There is a lot of educative information that children can acquire from the internet that helps them to become sharper. They can read up to date information and they remain updated. This is very positive for the growth of a child. The internet can make children sharper as they know sites from which they can confirm information from. Online gaming is another aspect that makes children smarter because of using the internet. Playing games through the internet makes children more intelligent as they can learn more techniques online. Were it not for the internet, children would have a hard time learning such skills and techniques. They are also able to learn computing skills. Children thus come smarter because of using the internet.

More Socialized children Because of Using the Internet

Children become more socialized because of using the internet. Children meet and make new friends online. They communicate online, sharing ideas and views. Becoming socialized is one of the important aspects of a child’s growth. Socialized children become better students. When they play games online, children meet people with interests similar to theirs and they make more friends. The internet thus helps children to become more socialized.