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The History of Texas

Every country or state has a history of how it started and developed up to its current state. Most of them were under colonial rule that established the boundaries and came up with governing policies. However, with time most countries fought and struggled for freedom from colonial masters that they managed to achieve. They form a new government, and the natives are often appointed to take over key governing positions. The history of a country or state is one endowed with several events with some attracting interest of the whole world. This paper studies the history of the state of Texas.

The history of Texas dates back to the time when the first Spanish conquerors came to the region in the 15th century. During this period, the area was being occupied by Native Americans whose ancestors had stayed there for several years. Apart from the Spanish, other countries such as France and Mexico also had a claim to the region. There was a continuous struggle between the French and Spanish over the control of the state. In 1682, the French established a colony that was brought down by the natives just after three years. After these events, the Spanish felt the need to make secure their hold on the area by colonizing it again. One of the steps they took is sign a treaty with colonizers from the United States of America which also had control of some parts of the region.

In 1821, Mexico obtained independence from Spain, with Mexican Texas becoming part of the new country. Officials of the New Mexican government made it easy for immigrants from the United States to enter the country. Later on, problems in the Mexican Texas led to Texas Revolution (1835-1836) where the Texan forces won their independence and became a sovereign state known as the Republic of Texas. In 1845, the nation became a member of the United States, becoming the 28th state. After the American Civil War, the state carried out major reconstructions with the whites dominating the political system. They came up with laws that disfavored the Africans Americans due to their bitterness after the war.

The state of Texas like many others went through colonial rule before obtaining independence. Since then, it has undergone several political, social, and economic changes to gain its current status. Currently, it is the second largest and most populous state in the United States. Texas has over time developed to be one of the most important states of the U.S.A in current times.