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Frederic Chopin

Chopin is known for his excellent piano compositions and classical music. Today, his music is wildly popular among classical music lovers. However, many don’t know that Chopin lived a life of illness and sometimes poverty. While his music was widely appreciated, he was not as successful while alive as he is now. This essay will explore this interesting aspect of his life while paying tribute to this great mind.

Popular since childhood

Frederic Chopin proved his talent as a child by playing the organ in school. He even gave a performance before Tsar Alexander I who gave him a diamond ring for doing so well. While still at school, Chopin did a show of his Rondo Op 1—the first of his pieces to ever be commercially published and distributed. Even though Chopin was considered to be part of a wealthy family during his childhood, as he grew up, his music led him to a life that was riddled with problems.

A true starving artist

Despite his talent, Chopin did not enter into a life of perpetual luxury. He was plagued with illness throughout most of his life and even suffered from epilepsy. However, he was supported by his followers who paid for his living expenses wherever possible. One such person was Jane Stirling who was a great admirer of Chopin’s. She and her sister provided him with instruments and travel money to perform whenever he was well enough to do so.

Modern day popularity

If Chopin were alive today he would probably be a multi-millionaire. His music is popular in almost every country in the world and his albums have sold millions of copies since his death. It is ironic that while his music was so appreciated in his day, it was not able to buy him the riches he so deserved. Perhaps his health issues could have been better taken care of if classical music was as lucrative an industry as it is today. Nevertheless, Chopin will always be remembered as one of the greats of the classical era.

There’s hardly an educated person alive today who hasn’t heard of Chopin’s music—or heard his music for that matter. His talent was right up there with Beethoven and Mozart. The music he composed was not only pleasant to listen to, but held a sense of romance about it—something many great composers we unable to achieve as well as Chopin.