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Popular Persuasive Essay Topics: A List Of Brand New Ideas

Choosing a great persuasive essay topic is a key component to writing a great paper. The more invested and interested you are with your topic the easier it will be to do the research and spend the time drafting and revising your assignment. Here is a list of brand new ideas to consider for your persuasive essay assignment:

  • Celebrities should have more or less privacy rights than non-celebrities. Consider that a great part of fame is caused by media attention.

  • Teenage girls should or shouldn’t be allowed to get birth control without having their parents’ consent.

  • Do you think that it should be illegal to not wear a seatbelt? Should people have a right to choose comfort over safety?

  • Schools should or shouldn’t allow censored and offensive songs to play at their school dances.

  • Teenagers should or shouldn’t have the right to purchase violent or offensive video games at their discretion.

  • Boys and girls should or should not be taught in separate classrooms. Consider distractions, bullying, and competition.

  • Do you think that students that receive a failing grade in class should be forced to retake that class?

  • Should all civil unions be recognized by the federal governments? Is there criteria that needs to be revised?

  • Illegal immigrants should or shouldn’t be allowed to apply for a driver’s anywhere in the US.
  • The US government should begin applying an extra tax for foods that are deemed unhealthy or fatty.

  • Immigration laws should or shouldn’t be revised. Consider issues of health care, crime, employment, etc.

  • Fourteen year old students should or shouldn’t be allowed to hold jobs? Are there specific jobs where it would okay for students to learn valuable skills?

  • Do you believe notebook computers should replace all traditional student textbooks? Do the costs of paying for notebook computers prevent this from becoming a reality?

  • Female student athletes should be allowed to play on team sports alongside boys. Consider injuries or unfair advantages based on sex.

  • Grades earned in physical education or gym should count towards students’ overall GPA. How will colleges use this information to help in their admissions decisions?

These are just of few persuasive essay topics for you to consider. Choose one for your own paper or use this list of ideas to help inspire topics of your own.