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A List of Unique Narrative Argument Essay Topics

A written argument is not meant to be a blog rant. If you are asked to write a narrative argument essay you best leave the snark at home. The assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate an ability to persuade another to your point of view. Facts, not sarcasm, will carry the day and gain the high grade. It is also important to have a subject which is interesting to read about. Stiff phrases and dull matter will impress no one. Knowing that, here are some topics you may consider as you prepare to compose your paper.

  • Is money going out of fashion as we use more credit cards?

  • Will censoring the Internet keep kids from watching pornography?

  • Are cigarettes so dangerous selling them should be a crime?

  • Why should anyone care about laws against speeding?

  • Do current movies justify the high wages paid to actors?

  • Is there a reason to question evolution’s arguments?

  • Why should teenagers be allowed to have plastic surgery?

  • At what age should young people be allowed to make their own decisions about sex?

  • Should school make accommodations for transgendered children?

  • Should gay white couples be allowed to adopt children who are racial minorities?

  • Is there any value to school dress codes?

  • What value is there to homework assignments?

  • Should tuitions be frozen at state universities?

  • Are sports too aggressive for high school boys?

  • Do we have a right to be entertained?

  • What value is the military for poor folks?

  • Should use of smartphones be allowed on buses?

  • Are mobile devices making us anti-social?

  • Should parents limit the time their children spend on the Internet?

  • Are paper books out of fashion?

  • Are property taxes an effective way to pay for public schools?

  • How many children should a couple be allowed to have?

  • Should sexual predators be neutered?

  • Should the age for marriage be lowered?

  • Should our present Constitution be thrown out for a new one?

  • Is it right to allow Moslem children to pray in school?

Always keep in mind that your arguments need facts to back them up. Throwing insults at the other side is a sign of playground immaturity and must be avoided. You are trying to convince your teacher of your ability to construct an argument which is convincing. As you progress through your school years you are going to be asked to write essay material that is more objective. Now is the time to develop the mind set and style that celebrates facts and not anger.